Martha Kato Large Ensemble

"Although I have practiced piano quite a bit, I couldn't avoid reaching this conclusion that I don't have enough fingers to make all the sound in my head happen." –This is how it started off. It was so natural for her to include more instruments to her writing to materialize all the ideas she had in mind. All her compositions have rich layers of contrapuntal, harmonic and rhythmic ideas, with both elements of jazz and classical music perfectly in blend.

And here is the band that makes her dream come true.

Doug Weiss - bass
Daniel Dor - drums
Michael Rodriguez - flugelhorn/trumpet
Francesco Geminiani - tenor saxophone
Chris Stover - trombone
Mike Bjella - soprano saxophone/clarinet
Alon Albagli - guitar
Sarah Charles - lead vocal
Linton Smith & Amber Matthews - backing vocal
Martha Kato - piano/vocal/composition