New album "Solúna" is OUT worldwide!

My 2nd album Solúna is out worldwide! Please check it out! Big Thank you to all my people who took part in making this album 🙏🏻


Listen here.

Release show in NYC ✍🏻
7/24 at Dizzy’s Club

A little bit about the story 📖

Solúna is the sun and moon 🌞🌓

Four years ago when I toured in California, the sun, forest, ocean, and stars inspired me, and that summer I finished writing new three pieces that have become the core songs of this album. I named one of them Sól, which means the sun, or a goddess that personifies the sun.

This came to a full circle last summer when I took a trip to Anza Borrego, in San Diego, to have a photo shoot for the album.

I had never seen that many stars, a clear milky way, and so many shooting stars over the night. I had never been anywhere that was as quiet as this desert. You can feel the sun from all directions, and it was so powerful and peaceful.

The music brought me to this trip and I named this album Solúna.

I hope this album reaches out to a lot of people all over the world and gives you a little something. And I’m excited about where this music can take me next.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the people who made this album great. Thank you all.

Keita Ogawa
Moto Fukushima
John Ellis
Michael Rodriguez
Ryan Keberle
Itai Kriss
Remy Le Boeuf
Sarah Elizabeth Charles
Takafumi Nikaido

Dave Darlington
Ryan Streber
Todd Carder

photo: Hiroyuki Seo
design: Ken Muroi

Robert Sadin