Tales from The Trees / アンモーンの樹 Project
"Although I have practiced piano quite a bit, I couldn't avoid reaching this conclusion that I don't have enough fingers to make all the sound in my head happen." –This is how it started off. It was so natural for her to include more instruments to her writing to materialize all the ideas she had in mind. All her compositions have rich layers of contrapuntal, harmonic and rhythmic ideas, with both elements of jazz and classical music perfectly in blend. And here is the band that makes her dream come true.

Doug Weiss - bass, Daniel Dor - drums, Jonathan Powell - flugelhorn/trumpet, Francesco Geminiani - tenor saxophone, Chris Stover - trombone, Jay Rattman - soprano saxophone/flute/clarinet, Alon Albagli - guitar, Sarah Elizabeth Charles, Linton Smith - backing vocal, and Martha Kato - piano/vocal/composition.

Drawings / Uragami Series

My other activity than in music - in drawing exclusively on scratch papers. Uragami means a scratch paper in Japanese but also ura means the back side, and gami (or kami) means a deity or god. There is no deity of the back side in myths as far as I know, but when I draw something on a scratch paper, I think the god of scratch paper comes down and leaves me inspiration... This is becoming my distinctive art direction working with my father Motoji Kato, who is a painter. We design flyers and CD cover etc.

The Timpsons Series

 I’ve been writing a series of two-/three-part contrapuntal piano pieces for fun, paying respect to the great J.S. Bach, especially to one of his works the Inventions and Sinfonias. It’s my version of Inventions, and is called The Timpsons. Sheet music is available for purchase. Hope you enjoy!